Focuses on computers and technologies past, present, and future in the Arab world

24 August 2020

work in progress

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Work in Progress !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The purpose of the site is to curate and share useful resources from the past and present about computers and technologies in the Arab world. My hope that the website can serve as a useful library of references and historical information that can empower IT technologists with Arab ancestry like myself to promote the use of the Arabic language in any innovative shape or form in this 21st century.

I am writing in English rather than in Arabic. I admit that this is illogical. Writing (or even thinking) in Arabic is a weakness of mine but I hope that I will fix through the development of this website. I was born in Lebanon in a Lebanese family who primary language is Arabic, specifically the Lebanese Arabic dialect. Like all other Lebanese people, I would speak in the Lebanese dialect then read newspapers, magazines, and books in the traditional Arabic language. However my passion in computers since childhood had me spend most of my life coding, writing, and even thinking in English. Thanks to the English language, I have built my professional career in the field of computers; the last 20 years of it as a Lebanese American in the United States. Yet, the Arabic language and the Arab culture in general is always part of me.

I hope that with this site and, with the help of people like me in the future, we will find new ways to support the Arabic language in the field of computers or come up with innovative use of computers in the Arab world even if it means using the English language to support our efforts. If you would like to contact me, you can email me at

Tarek Hoteit